Steinhatchee School Scores BIG with Help from Frank Jackson and the Steinhatchee Projects Board

Steinhatchee School was joined by Superintendent Danny Glover as well as School Board Member Jeannie Mathis at their End of the Year Awards Ceremony on May 25th, in order to thank Frank Jackson and Danielle Norwood from the Steinhatchee Projects Board for their generous support. When schools closed down in March of 2020 due to COVID, the leaders at Steinhatchee School immediately began distributing laptops supplied by the Taylor County School District to students in an effort to mitigate the impact learning loss while their students were away from school.  However, an obstacle to that solution was the lack of internet connectivity in the homes of many of their students. 

The school researched purchasing hotspots for students who needed WiFi support and found that the Cricket store in Old Town would offer a discount if funding became available.  Steinhatchee School reached out to the Steinhatchee Community Projects Board for funding.  With COVID, the Steinhatchee Projects Board was not able to host their two fishing tournament fundraisers, but the board did have money donated to the organization by Frank Jackson, who requested that it be used to beautify Steinhatchee.  Danielle Norwood, the Projects Board chairman, reached out to Mr. Jackson to see if he would allow some of the beautification money to be allotted to the purchase of and the monthly cost of the hotspots for the school for the year.  Mr. Jackson gladly accepted.

According to Principal Jimmy Bray, “Steinhatchee School’s progress monitoring data shows that due to this support, our students were able to minimize learning loss and return to face-to-face instruction well positioned for success.  I-Ready comparative data from mid-year assessments indicates that our students are outpacing their peers from around the state."  Mr. Jackson and Ramona Griner were presented with a beautifully crafted piece of art designed by 5th Grader Gracey Corbin, along with student handprints, that captured the essence of their appreciation with the title “Thanks For Keeping Us Connected.”  Danielle Norwood summarized the experience, “It’s an amazing feat when people who care for these children and the Steinhatchee Community come together to do something great.  Steinhatchee School has a dedicated team of teachers and crew along with great community support which makes projects like this succeed.”

The Steinhatchee Community Projects Board supplied students without internet access during the COVID school closure with Cricket Internet Hotspots. This allowed the all students to continue on school work uninterrupted during the pandemic.



In April the Board awarded 4 scholarships totaling $3000.00 to local youth wishing to purse a higher education.  2 applicants were from Dixie County and 2 from Taylor County.  If you know someone that would like to apply for a scholarship have them contact a member of the Board (listed under about us tab).  
2018 was a very productive year for The Steinhatchee Community Projects Board.  The FRDAP Grant that was obtained to make improvements to the Park and Pier area was completed.  The grant facilitated the following improvements:  Playground Shade Covering and additional swings, Picnic pavilion with picnic table, Fitness equipment and signage for 1 mile walking/fitness trail, Construction of boat dock and gangway adjacent to pier and renovation of pier to include steps from pier to dock, Parking facility improvements including seal coating, striping and wheel stops, Installation of security light, Renovation of restroom to include sealing of floor and installation of energy efficient fixtures and a Kiosk for coastal habitat and nature study area and signage.  
Visit the Park today and see for yourself!
Steinhatchee Community Center, Park & Pier
1013 S. Riverside Drive
Steinhatchee, Fl  32359 


The last project to be completed in 2018 was the installation of our new sign.  We are very proud of this addition to the Community Center grounds.  The old sign has been refurbished and relocated to the boat ramp area. 


Everyone had a blast again this year at the Projects Board's Mullet Toss.  Pictured below are the winners of the Mullet Toss. From left to right: Miss Mullet Master, Christine Alpizar of Miami, FL (104FT), Jr. Mullet Master, Cade Gaither of Statesville, GA. (128FT) Mister Mullet Master 2018 Defending his title, Brad Driggers (177FT), Anna King and Eli Brigalia (Volunteers). 

A major remodel/update to the interior of the Community Center was completed in 2018.  The Center was painted, a drop ceiling with led lighting was installed, new plumbing fixtures and new flooring was also installed.  In 2019 improvements continue to be made with a state of the art PA system being installed and the Steinhatchee Garden Club has completely relandscaped the grounds.  The Comunity Center is 25+ years old and was due for a little updating.   It looks very nice.  If you get a chance stop by and take a look.  


THANKS to Projects Board and all it's volunteers the Park's Christmas decorations got a much needed remodel and a collection of blow ups were added to the playground area for the children's enjoyment.  Every year the light display just gets better and better!  Also added this year were lights and wreaths on the bridge. Lights go up the week after Thanksgiving and stay up until the week after New Years each year. 

The Projects Board is able to  continue doing these and other Community Projects using funds raised from The Community Fishing Tournament, The Nauti-Girls Fishing Tournament and The 4th of July Mullet Toss.  Come out and support us at our Events!